After years of tutoring people in math I recognized what I thought were common problems in all age groups. The material (books, etc.) they were using, in my opinion, didn’t explain the subjects as easily as they should. Certain things were left out and the procedures were explained in an unusually difficult way. Math is a very detailed subject. To learn it one needs to start with a thorough understanding of the basics in order to understand more advanced math.

     I never looked to tutor anyone or for that matter, to write a book. Through the years, just as I mentioned in the book, I worked for companies and I ran or owned different businesses. I, also, was one of the founders of a small vocational college. I started tutoring people really by chance. Friends told me their kids were having trouble with math and they needed help. I offered to help and one thing led to another resulting in me tutoring people of all ages in math. Generally, everyone improved a great deal. One of the individuals I tutored became a National Youth Scholar.
     As I said earlier, I always questioned math books really from the time I started elementary school. The question was—Why are these books written this way? I, also, saw how important it was for parents or family to be involved in their kids’ learning. I used whatever books the kids or adults had to tutor them in the subjects they were studying. In other words, I had to explain or interpret what the books were really saying where anyone could understand it. Tutoring and the importance of family involvement is what led me to write these books. The importance of the family being involved in a person learning math is why I called the books, Family Math.

     Family Math is my attempt to help anyone from eight, nine or ten years old, to teens and adults, to learn the math in it even without a tutor. The books cover the foundation of math, Basic Math, and they cover Pre-Algebra, a portion of Geometry and a portion of Algebra. Some of the subjects covered are used in higher math as well.

     Today, the subject known as common core is practically everywhere. It is said to be a guideline of what an individual should learn in math (and English) grade-by-grade. Although those responsible for common core claim it doesn’t tell you how you should learn, but what you should learn, many others disagree. Some disagree with the manner those responsible for common core tell you what you should learn and they say it does lead to how you should learn. I believe math (or any subject) should always be taught in the simplest way possible. That is what I have attempted to do with Family Math. Family Math should be able to help you learn math whether you are for or against common core.

     I indeed thank God for all he has done for me and making it possible that I could write these books. I sincerely hope these books will help anyone who studies them to thoroughly understand the math contained within them.